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Costa Rica - Red Honey Microlot

Costa Rica - Red Honey Microlot


The Nitty-gritty:

Origin: Costa Rica

Farm: Calle Lajas

Altitude: 1450 masl

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi

Process: Red Honey

 Roast Level: Medium

What you'll taste in your cup:

Caramel, Blackberry, Tart Strawberry 

What makes this coffee so special:


Oscar and Francisca Chacon of Las Lajas Micromill are third-generation coffee producers who are committed to quality and innovation and are probably best known for being among the first to produce Honey and Natural coffees in Costa Rica in the 2000s. Las Lajas began producing honey coffees in 2008 after an earthquake cut off the mill's access to water for several weeks.

The micromill is also one of the only certified-organic mills in the area, and the Chacons take their environmental impact very seriously. As average temperatures rise and the weather patterns change, the Chacons are considering adding more shade trees to their farm to moderate the heat, and to add irrigation systems to combat the inconsistent rainy seasons Costa Rica has had the past few years. To mitigate their water usage, Oscar uses a Penagos demucilaging machine to depulp his coffee, which has cut the Chacon's water consumption down to almost nothing.